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AppleTV in the Classroom/Boardroom

AppleTV in the Classroom/Boardroom


You know all those problems about getting the computer to work with a projector?
The embarrassment factor (especially when you are an ICT person) when you just can’t get things to work together seamlessly?
You have to go and seek the technician because the right cable doesn’t seem to be there - and then when you get it there simply seems to be no rhyme or reason it doesn’t work?

Come on folks, this is MODERN TECHNOLOGY. It should just work!

Well, it can, and it will, and Apple TV could be a great blessing and a massive time/money/embarrassment saver. Here’s why:

AppleTV. It doesn’t tell you a lot. It’s made by Apple (whoops, if you are in Blackpool ICT - that was the wrong thing to say for a start). Its TV? What TV?

Lets get one thing straight from the start. Yes, AppleTV receives TV, you can rent media, movies, listen to streamed radio, YouTube, Flicker and Apple’s own iCloud over the internet. It connects by wire or WiFi, or both..... but there is more. It was HD 720p, it now delivers full HD, full HD sound and surround sound (via optical).

But there is more. More is ‘AirPlay’. What is AirPlay? Well, you could already stream movies and content from a Mac (or PC) on your network. That is a given, but AirPlay is something else. Using a Mac, an iPod, iPhone, iPad you can now stream content from that to the AppleTV in realtime, watching your HD content, or listening to music fully in control of the source. It seems like magic, but it is not. Its just plain, simple Apple design. AirPlay enabled apps are now all over the internet, and each allows you to magically share your device with others in the room (or in other rooms for that matter).

I cannot say enough about AirPlay, so read more here:

So? So you can send content to the AppleTV - hence to the screen. But the same is true of any suitably equipped TV or Projector!

Now for boardrooms this means no more getting up and going to “the front” to present. No more fiddling with cables and wires, switching over, calling ICT (because you will not need them!).

In the Classroom, students have the ultimate access to “show and tell”. There are controls of all kinds now available, but imagine students presenting materials they have researched, collected, presented and edited, shared with the class, the group, the school. the college, the parents.....and all in an intuitive, simple to manage way.

If you want to know more contact me.

The revolution in the way we deliver education, and the way students can deliver creative ideas can change forever..... TOMORROW.

Adjunct: I was approached by the daughter of a well-known Educational Guru who wanted to better connect up her learners in a Primary School. She wanted the pupils to be able to present at any time, on one of three or four HD screens. This was in early 2010 (I think).

My assessment, and the research done suggested HDMI distribution boxes, cables etc. It was a solution, but the cost was to be in thousands. Overnight AppleTV at approx. £100, saved a £1000.

You see, when a solution can do that, there are no requirements to go back to first principles. Even the most ‘challenged’ ICT person can understand that.

So ACCESSIBILITY. Like all of Apple’s iOS5 devices, AppleTV has the capabilities to provide its full accessible feature set to users. It can read out aloud what is on the screen, it can be programmed in a ’Speech’ mode. All in all it must be the most open and accessible tool available.

This is a dream come true, and is why Apple TV should be at the heart of any new learning space.



...and that is just the start.

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