No Small Success

No Small Success

Blackpool Business Support

I am looking forward to hearing more about the Celebratory event being publicised and planned for Saturday November 13th. A great way to celebrate all of the success in the organisation in the last 40 years - and for NEARLY HALF of that time, just one person was chairman. Steve Pye.

It’ll be a double celebration then?

More information from the FSB branch and the VISIT BLACKPOOL web site.


Eyes Open - it’s Happened for Years

Eyes Open - it’s Happened for Years
Resort ‘losing its youth’ over lack of jobs

Question time: The panel at Gordon's Back Blackpool Businesses event at Blackpool Town Hall. Panelists, from left, Geoff Reeves, John Barnett, Gordon Marsden, Claire Smith and Mark Yates.

Blackpool is losing its young people to other parts of the UK because of a chronic lack of job opportunities in the town, it has been claimed.
Dear All
I noticed the piece in the Gazette regarding the Youth of Blackpool and would like to draw your attention to what we are up to at the 3e Partnership CIC.
Please visit 
1. We are currently managing enterprise Clubs in the Blackpool High Schools in partnership with Mike Taplin at Blackpool Council
2. We have arranged with Business in the Community training sessions with 30 local businesses who have become Mentors for our student support projects
3. We are based at Blackpool 6th Form College where we have been working with Students giving them Work Experience
4. We organised Work Experience for 230 students at Highfield School Year 10 Students in 2012.
5. We are working with both Blackpool Sixth Form College and Blackpool & Fylde College on some initiatives with their Students regarding work Experience and enterpise clubs.
5. We were awarded with a recognition "Badge of Honour" because of the work with Students during Global Entrepreneur Week.
In addition to the above we have been working with and promoting Local Charities, such as Princes Trust and Aspired Futures to name but a few.
All our work has been done under the radar and been self funded by John Rudkin and myself.
This includes the Launch of our Local Community TV Channel, of which some of you feature and that now boasts nearly 100 videos in its members area.
It started life a but has morphed into 
In Summary
Happy to discuss further with any of you, but suffice to say that there are things happening in the Town and it has been achieved by people who care passionately about the area, and who have made a lot of sacrifices to help others.
And we have funded everything ourselves to prove the point that anything the mind can conceive - you can achieve - and you dont need money to do it - just integrity and commitment.
We havent given up on the youth of Blackpool or the Fylde Coast and the proof is all stated above and can be seen on our 2 highlighted websites.
And this is only the beginning.............................

Kindest Regards

Steve Pye

3E Partnership CIC

Blackpool 6th Form College   Blackpool Old Road   Blackpool   FY3 7LR

Telephone: 01253 394 911

Website URL:






Just to be serious for a moment; I was a teacher in Blackpool. I left the classroom but I know that Blackpool kids can be as good, if not better than any you will find. I've worked in the education and IT related sectors for many years, and I have had the pleasure of retaining connections in the area, and working alongside many respected people during that time. Some of the work done by Blackpool Schools has been brilliant; equally I have seen some really inspirational college FE and HE work, at Blackpool 6th and Blackpool and the Fylde. Sadly I have seen the decimation of some key services along the way "for the better" or "for the sake of"? Common Sense was one thing often missing in the decisions made. As far as retaining the resort's youngster go, I saw Blackpool and Fylde leading the World in Technical Illustration and Design (only to take its degree work to London too attract the right sort of opportunities for its students). At one time part of the German Design Industry was run by ex Blackpool students. We have ex-Blackpool students in Hollywood; I can point to others running massive IT projects; yet more have become global entrepreneurs. Hello? Why are they not on the panel? A - Level equipped youngsters from Blackpool are as good as it gets, but there are pressures that cannot be ignored - created by the circumstance of the town. There are examples of wonderful companies set up by ex Blackpool youngsters all over the World running successful, rewarding companies who just weren't given the chance to be listened to. Why not ask them - what might have helped you stay? Then there are actual entrepreneurs trying to set things up in the town, only to hit blockages. Why? I know personally that some have a strong desire to do things locally, but for reasons, had to leave to get the support and recognition they needed. The council could do more, but then there is a need to beat the negative vibe that surrounds the way we all talk about and talk-up the area. Let's see quality standing out instead of what we hear so much about. Alas when talking to those very young people the replies might be pretty much staring us in the face or even painful to hear. It is opportunity, and a clear path and guidance. We are trying to help in our own way. We being: and this is just the start. There is no one solution or answer, nor is there a quick fix, but that doesn't mean it needs to go on as it is.


Fylde gets to Check Out Opportunities

Fylde gets to Check Out Opportunities




Supply Chain Conference

April 24th 2014 - Winter Gardens, Blackpool 

Dear Colleague
Natural gas from Lancashire's shale is predicted to create thousands of direct, indirect and induced jobs throughout the North West region.  North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce is a key partner in the
North West Energy Task Force whose objective is to maximise the economic benefits for the North West, local businesses and residents. 
I therefore have the pleasure in inviting you to the North West Shale Supply Chain Conference with the
Rt. Hon. Michael Fallon MP, the joint Minister for Business and Enterprise and Minister of State for Energy, to be held at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool on Thursday 24th April 2014.  This event is free of charge. 
It is the first in a series of forthcoming supplier engagement activities that are aimed at giving the North West energy industry supply chain an opportunity to learn more about natural gas from Lancashire's shale and to meet the players at the vanguard of this exciting programme.  
A potential future extraction phase will require the mobilisation of significant resources throughout the supply chain, as - to a lesser extent - will current planned exploration activity.
Prospective operators, including Cuadrilla Resources and Centrica Energy will be at the conference to share their approach to procurement for Exploration and Production phases and offer insight into the industry's requirements.
This is an opportunity for you to outline what your business can contribute to the supply chain, and to learn where the future prospects lie.  

We look forward to meeting with you over the coming months, through a focused set of market engagement events aimed at capturing suppliers' views on our emerging plans for delivery of this vital opportunity for the North West region.    Our aim is to help equip North West business to gain a competitive advantage so that jobs and activity in the North West benefits the region.
Registration will open at 08.30 with the conference beginning at 09.30.  Please RSVP to Mark Whittle by Friday 4th April 2014 to confirm your attendance.  A full programme will be sent to all confirmed delegates in advance of the event.
Yours faithfully


Babs Murphy
Chief Executive NWL Chamber of Commerce 
  1051           1050       1049 

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Hanging on the branches

Swinging in the branches


I attended my first FSB Branch Meeting since leaving the Committee last year. It was in Fleetwood on Monday Evening. It was a nice, bright, crisp day, and really Spring like, so with a slightly brighter evening I set off for Fleetwood. I picked up Rosey and Rob, who work with us and 3E Partnership - and unfortunately was just about 10 minutes late for the start. It is a shame we missed the first few minutes, but when we arrived we were ushered in and grabbed seats at the back.

The Agenda was a little different to the norm (the previous committee’s norm, but as a first it was informative and yes, enlightening. It is difficult not to compare, but turnout was about what I expected. About 28 people, made up of new Branch Committee, 6(?), Regional Committee (5) and the remainder members or potentially new members. 3E added to the numbers by 3, me being the only member - so I estimate the actual turnout excluding us was about 14 people. Reasonable. I was not surprised to hear that there had been 16 apologies. I recall the previous branch regularly had 30 plus attendees, even at the AGM having offered a meal, still up to ten didn’t bother to turn up. That was a shame, and in my opinion the “no shows” should have been made to pay for the food they wasted!

Presentations were OK. I will not list them all, but we had the obligatory branch introductions, a very short introduction by the Regional Chairman talking (more to come), and 4 or 5 short 10 minute (!!) pre-selected presentations. A real mix of styles, subjects and techniques mixed, it was fascinating as always to see and hear the stories and experience the personalities.

Some really interesting ‘facts’ were offered by the FSB presentations. These came from the Regional Chair, and it was good he was open and direct:

It is the 40th Anniversary of the FSB (first established in the area, and now a £27m business itself with just short of 180,000 members. That fact was a surprise as it has dropped considerably - a shame. The Regional Chair stated that he fought hard to get the Conference in Blackpool, but that the National Committee (based in Blackpool?) had concluded that the town didn’t have the facilities needed. That is a shame - indeed it surely goes right against the grain in the “KEEP BUSINESS LOCAL” campaign, but they must know best?. One point made which rather more - or equally disappointing was that the FSB wanted to attract Ed Milliband to the Conference, and the Regional Chair suggested that the Leader of the Labour Party was actually frightened of the area!

Frightened of BLACKPOOL? I was amazed.
Did he really say that?

It certainly didn’t put Chukka Umana @ChukaUmunna off when we met with him and long time MP Gordon Marsden @GordonMarsden at the Blackpool Tower and we had a brief chat (you can see that on

Anyway, an interesting evening.

Regional Chair discussing #FSB_CONF
Regional Chair Gary Lovett discussing his defence of a Blackpool based Conference

Come on in, the water is fine.

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