Removing Accessibility ‘Taxes’

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There has been an explosion in the number or interfaces to Digital Devices in the last 10 years. Possibly most popularised by the iPhone, the idea of a user interface that can be reconfigured was just a dream until Apple really brought it to life with the iPhone’s remarkable Touch screen. This flexibility, however, brought with it a new problem for the visually challenged, partially sighted and blind community. If you cannot see virtual keys, how on earth do you find them?

Systems such as Apple’s VoiceOver sought to address the accessibility problems across all Apple and eventually iOS devices, but any system that requires learning how to use it, poses new problems - that said, it is still remarkable (and unique) that apple is the only mainstream device and software manufacturer that seeks to address accessibility at system level.

When I first started working at Blackpool Council, I looked into how well equipped publicly open facilities were in the town, and especially for facilitating the use of the intriguingly larger than average blind population in the Libraries. There was software on the Library PCs, but the cost was prohibitive to the Council being almost as much again as the cost of a PC in the first place. £500 plus PER COMPUTER. Clearly Apple could offer a potentially huge saving in the town - and make access to the tools required universal in the process.......

Things change, but the need is still there - if not more so than ever before, to cater for users of the growing number of Digital and Mobile means to access services. If there isn’t a need, then the demand comes in clearly. How do we make sure this important local community group are catered for more equally year in, year out?

FREE iPad App Brings Braille Keyboard to Blind Users

Never a dull moment

Apple in Business

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‘Digital Education’

Don’t Believe All You Hear

This is the year MOBILE MALWARE came of age. Believe it or not, still only 10 years old, it has the world of IT in a spin. IT Managers who cannott seem to understand the real issues just run away and hide. The promise of “BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE” is stuck in a hinterland of “Go-No Go” at the beck and call of the IT Departments, and some organisations seem trapped (if not entranced) in the doom-ladened prophecies of the Nay Says. It is time to change things. Firstly, is there a platform that is safer than the others? Indeed there MIGHT BE, but you need to read between the lines because no one seems to want to admit it. Not even those that seem to be the best. WHY? you may well ask. WHY WOULDN’T THEY BLAG AND BLEAT? They don’t need to, and why attract unwanted attention anyway.

Making a mark fy8-3eh-twitter-hotspot
What happens when you start to put data into maps?
Y.E.S, Yes, yes.....

website banner YES post launch
Learn more? image above
Things you may not know about Blackpool
You may not be aware, but for the majority of my time with Blackpool Council, I was the eCommunity Manager.

iPod Image Titles copy
RBS Young Enterprise Solutions project


Register your place at the RBS Young Enterprise Solutions project launch to learn how , in collaboration, we can help to turn young peoples’ creative ideas into career realities..

20th November 2014
Register online button(1)
1.00pm - 3.00pm
Visitor Centre, Stanley Park

The launch will provide One Blackpool Members and other interested Stakeholders with an exciting opportunity to understand how they can engage with this project and also learn about other Enterprising projects working around Blackpool.

Guest Speakers:

  • Mike Taplin - Senior Manager, Early Support for Children and Families, Blackpool Council

  • Heather Waters - Regional Enterprise Manager for RBS/NatWest Bank

Free parking & lunch provided from 12.30pm

HighImpactBadge2013 3E-CIC-logo LRTV-button-Square-Large

DYAlogo weblogo
No Technology is THE Answer


In my own field of Design Education, Problem Solving is seen as a natural development of human ability, and with strategy, experience and an understanding of the world around us - how it works, what it is made up of and how they interact - allied with ability to articulate and communicate - a capacity to use skills learned......

The Comeback Story of Apple

Innovate My School - great read.

25 years on
A Matter of Great Celebration

I got to know Stephen Heppell around the time I was teaching in Blackpool. I think the Microelectronics Programme was just winding up at the time, and pal Tony Kiddle introduced me to a couple of people that I have never forgotten. Stephen was one, and Ian Carter the other. Not that these were the only people I met - far from it, but from an educational perspective Stephen has remained a pal ever since. Ian unfortunately died far too early, but if wasn’t for him (and I) there might never have been an Apple Summer School at Cheltenham. Indeed, there may never have been Apple UK ADEs either!

Heppell:Leyland Trucks
No LCD Projectors in those days!
SBTV launches!


A change again. You will see above, the Embedded version of Small Business TV, which has grown out of the development of Lancashire Regional TV, and prior to the


Small Business TV is a “for profit” venture aimed at doing just that, but its purpose is to allow organisations to learn to help themselves.

It is still early days. You can still access LRTV at www.Lancashire-Regional.TV, and it will still be free - but we need you to sign up. That way we get the opportunity to develop and access funds to grow this platform.

Sign up today.

Going for Gold - ScoopIT

“Gold: You're a giant among curators and your work is world-class awesome. Thanks for being an incredible role model to the curator community!”

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‘Digital Education’

Design Education & D&T Updates

The latest links: Design Education and D&T

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Lancashire Mac Users - ATTENTION


Thanks to my Followers and Friends


I was blown away by my Twitter Stats today, for the week (Easter Sunday)
Google Pushes “Classroom”

Google Classroom Header

You need to be aware of Google “Classrooms” coming soon.

Narrowly Avoided Disaster


Lesson Learned that can be applied toady.

See also

New Publication 2nd issue

YES, It’s the latest Electronic Edition

3E Partnership CIC and YES Magazine - Supporting each other
3rd Sector Invitation

Yes, it’s a Flipping Book

LRTV (Lancs Regional TV) simplified

Click above to go to LRTV - find our what is in it for you
Innovate my School (LIVE!)

Innovate my School

John will be talking at the event above.

Find out more from the Link Above
30 years.....indeed


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30 years young

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Run a successful business?
Are You an Entrepreneur?


Would you be willing to involved in supporting "Enterprise / Entrepreneurial" work in schools, with 3E Partnership CIC and Blackpool Council supporting Blackpool youngsters and sponsored by Mediacore?

All it involves a a little of your time.

3E Partnership CIC have been awarded  the "Global Entrepreneurship Week UK HIGH IMPACT EVENT 2013" badge.  Very welcomed! 

All High Schools/Academies in the town are taking part - and from the humble introductory event we ran in September ( see: ) it has started to have the impact in the eight schools we hoped for.  

The initiative has already been featured in a number of media mentions, both in the Blackpool Gazette, and on Radio Wave.  There will be more of that to come, along with new announcements from 3E Partnership CIC throughout 2014.

On February 27th 2014 we will be running a joint training/introductory event for you at Blackpool 6th Form College.

If you want a place, they are limited on this occasion. The training will take place between 9.15am (for 9.30am) and approx 12.30pm

Come back to me directly, and I'll confirm all details.

07708933705 and


John Rudkin

Director 3E Partnership CIC

Initial Enterprise Club Training Success


Supporting Public Sector, Private Sector, Civil / Third Sector and the Education Sector by linking together sustainable initiatives, projects, support and services that will improve the Local Economy by creating Jobs and improving the aspirations of Lancashire people. On January 14th 2014, we ran the first Business Mentoring Programme for Blackpool Schools.

Learning has no Boundaries

Learning Boundariestiff

Learning has no boundaries.
Whatever the key influences, the learning will then be driven by the individual in the path of most delight.

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.
Stephen Hawking
A little more about me...

John A Rudkin's Vizify Bio

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Researching and developing innovative ways of learning to produce the future generation of leaders for the creative media industries.

CEMP is a research and innovation centre based in the Media School at Bournemouth University. It was awarded its status in 2004 by the Higher Education Funding Council for England and is the only HEFCE-funded centre for excellence in media in the UK.
For the UK to maintain its position as one of the leaders of the creative industries, it is essential that media education can respond quickly and effectively to the pace of organisational, technological, social and cultural change which is sweeping through these industries. CEMP has positioned itself at the forefront of this response, engaging in advanced pedagogical research in media practice, creating original systems and tools to meet fresh technological challenges, and helping to identify, develop and guide the future direction of a fast-changing and dynamic industry.

CEMP is leading initiatives to address the need for:

new pedagogic approaches to produce innovative practitioners with a real understanding of the potential of new technologies and media convergence;
agile and tailored CPD programmes for the existing workforce, including enhanced management and leadership courses; tools, structures and mechanisms to support radically new personalised modes of study and which build upon the participative and collaborative nature of the world-wide web.
All of CEMP's work is underpinned by research, with the relationship between learning and creativity at the heart of the research agenda. We are interested in how people learn, and how creative activities can facilitate imaginative learning. Our research reputation is based upon CEMP's contribution to higher education practice at national and international level, where Centre staff are researching in areas that have a direct impact on curriculum design and the student experience. These activities are complemented by the work of a number of doctoral students undertaking PhDs on related topics.

Steve Jobs, Smithsonian Institution Oral and Video Histories, April 20, 1985

Have a Wonderful Christmas and New Year
Check out our Seasonal Videos

("Bahhhd Santas" and "EEE from 3E")
John A Rudkin
07708 933705 and 3E Partnership CIC
A not-for-profit company seeking better for young people in Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre - supporting local communities
 in every way within our capacity.

Company Registration 08694567    I     Founded 2013

Xmas Message from 3E




Would you be willing to involved in supporting "Enterprise / Entrepreneurial" work in schools with 3E Partnership CIC supporting Blackpool youngsters and sponsored by Mediacore?

All it involves a a little of your time.

3E Partnership CIC have been awarded  the "Global Entrepreneurship Week UK HIGH IMPACT EVENT 2013" badge.  Very welcomed! 

All High Schools/Academies in the town are taking part - and from the humble introductory event we ran in September ( see: ) it has started to have the impact in the eight schools we hoped for.  

The initiative has already been featured in a number of media mentions, both in the Blackpool Gazette, and on Radio Wave.  There will be more of that to come, along with new announcements from 3E Partnership CIC in 2014.


On January 14th 2014 we will be running a joint training/introductory event for you at Blackpool 6th Form College.

If you want a place, they are limited on this occasion. The training will be held as a half day session

Come back to me directly, and I'll confirm all details pre-Christmas.

07708933705 and


John Rudkin
Director 3E Partnership CIC

Ignore THIS at your peril

Why You Need a Design Thinker as CEO
……………and why not?

______________________ - our first year

We thought that these statistics would be of interest for anyone following our story, and the development of

3E logo
Adopt digital techniques for internal working practices

I always anticipate the anti-Apple squad to starting to screech like banshees, but this will make their boring whinges less ear piercing. Open your mind first, then open your mouth when you are sure.  


BBC Digital Futures

Thirty years ago (is it really that long ago) the BBC started something that was pretty unique in the World - it started teaching us BBC watchers about the coming of the micro computer. Then came the BBC Micro, then the Master then the …… decline, but the legacy of that innovation still survives to this day. Now they are about to get involved again…..

Enterprising Activities

The Blackpool Schools Enterprise Clubs Challenge got underway at the Blackpool Learning Centre on Monday the 23rd of September. We were delighted that 8 schools wanted to sign-up, but sorry that two couldn’t make the briefing and launch on the day. No matter, we will be able to help them catch up easily. Under Blackpool CIC ( a NOT FOR PROFIT CIC ), the new Blackpool Schools Enterprise Clubs Challenge (BECC) brings together Blackpool Council and the Federation of Small Businesses in a unique partnership.

With a little help from friends
Bevel-CIC-new-logo-112 blackpool council logo fsb-member_hover
Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre & Preston & Cumbria FSB collaborative event
Assuming everyone knew this was happening, then if you didn’t attend, you missed a treat. Any company will get benefits out of membership of the FSB - and that is why I note it here.

Blackpool Schools Enterprise Clubs 2013/2014

Blackpool Enterprise Clubs will be taking part in Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Global Entrepreneurship Week is 18 - 24th November.
Exciting eh?

We think so!

iPad Academy becomes Tablet Academy


Special Needs? - It is Staring You in the Face.

Sometimes, the fact that technology firms actually support a vast range of users is missed

DiscredICTed? No - Misused!

To the Guardian.

ICT as a title was coined in the early 90s, and grew out of a need to broaden the understanding of a new and hard to define movement that came from the Microelectronics Programme (MEP) and a desire to see greater use of creative use.

National Curriculum 2014 -

Hurrah for DATA, James Dyson and the myriad of other supporters in the drive to bring Design and Technology back from the brink of disaster. What would the result have been had they (we) not been successful?


Let’s all go for a “Happy Learn”

“Are we there yet?”
“How do fish breath under the water?”
“Can I call Grandma?”
“Are we there yet?”
“Why can’t Grandma breath underwater if Daddy says she’s a toad?”
“How come frogs croak?”
“Why did Grandad croak. Was he a frog?”
“Are we there yet?”
“What is a skelington (sic)?”


Questions, questions, questions….. “Are we there yet?”

“Microsoft : Windows XP marching orders”


From April 8th, 2014, there will be no more patches or updates -- including security ones -- issued for Windows XP.

“Councils Must Go Mobile”


A few home truths
Why the iPad Will Not….

No matter what device or machine you contemplate using in education, the magic panacea that imparts knowledge, structures what is appropriate, important, safe and critical to the development of the child as a learner does not exist. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence knows this. It never will. The key to any learning is the teacher, the mentor, the guide.
Bringing the disparate particles and atoms of knowledge together to form the molecules and structures is the magic formula, which in turn forms the elements of learning, built on the frameworks of experience, that eventually form independence as a learner.

“ The most important thing is a person. A person who incites and feeds your curiosity; and machines cannot do that in the same way that a person can’”

Steve Jobs, Smithsonian Institution Oral and Video Histories, April 20, 1985

Read the Education Blog for the full article:
Moment of Discovery

I have always been follower of Vision ( as in “the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom: the organisation had lost its vision and direction). I guess we all do it, to a greater of lesser extent, and sometimes that definition and the experience of realisation can have a fundamental impact on our future direction.

A Tragedy of EPIC Proportions

A sad day isn’t a strong enough thing to say about the huge loss that Film Education is to the schools in the UK. I had been aware of their work for a number of years, but when I worked at Apple, it was in the 2000 isn period, during work on and around the early introduction of iMovie, and the work I coordinated for the South Yorkshire eLearning Project, that we struck up a relationship that proved their contribution to UK Education was without parallel.

Pasted Graphic

What an EPIC disaster. I hope the team all find great new jobs. It is deserved folks. John

‘Digital Education’ is Arrliyve...

BlackpoolCIC - the start of something.

Smell the (teen?) Team Spirit

BlackpoolCIC - NOT-FOR-PROFIT investing in Community

You’re ‘avin’ a larf?

BlackpoolCIC was approached by a charitable organisation looking to make a rapid impact on a rather peculiar target market in order to highlight and raise funds for the 10th Anniversary of Iraq. Even stranger is the central feature of their requirement - the capture and claim on ownership of Saddam’s Arse.


Go viral
JibJab’s Big End 2012


***************************** are/is now part of

Apple iPad, iPod, iOS, Mac, ICT Strategy, eLearning Advice and Support

New to new Technology?
iPad courses needed?
Get the most out of your investment
Get advice from an Apple Distinguished Educator Ltd and Associates prices start at just
£250per day


So…who is John?
Let others tell you more:


“Your energy and focus on teaching is a great personal asset, and it’s something that most
commercial providers lack in the schools market.
(Your) other advantage is that (you) have knowledge which is what many schools are prepared to buy. Many schools would see you as a good investment.
If you need an LA (Local Authority) education referee, happy to assist
Carl Baker - (previously) Assistant Director Communities and Families, Blackpool
"As we move forward in the council with a different culture it's true to say that you helped to pioneer a much more positive way of responding to ICT difficulties - that every challenge is an opportunity for creativity."
Sue Harrison, Service Director - Learning, Schools and Communities, Blackpool
********************************************************************************************** “John is dedicated, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. Few people I worked with had the same 'history' in education or the same passion for using IT to help students succeed. While I and others moved from the education space into more traditional commercial roles John stayed true to his principles and dedication to education.”
  Derek Baker, Senior Manager, Education Solutions Group, Apple
********************************************************************************************** "John,  I hope people out their know how much of an expert you are. Long may you be around to help people...."
Geoff Reeves, Business Adviser to the Orvia Group
********************************************************************************************** “John is a passionate advocate and tireless worker for the effective use of technology in learning. He is a good communicator and reliable partner in any work-based project. And he has a lot of good experience to draw upon. So versatile; committed; passionate and engaged are his watchwords.” 
    Nigel Paine, CEO, SCET, Head of People Development BBC
********************************************************************************************** “John is an excellent manager and expert on Apple Mac systems. The time I spent with him was richly rewarding as he has a good grasp of strategic thinking and planning needs in the context of ICT and its use in the community.”
Stephen Musgrave, Regional Manager, Open University
********************************************************************************************** “I have known John since 2001 when he led one of four feasibility pilots for the South Yorkshire eLearning Programme, a complex and large-scale European-funded programme to increase the IT skills of South Yorkshire in schools, libraries, small businesses and community outreach centres. As Project Director for the programme I was impressed by John’s passion and understanding of new technology and his ability to engage with and build a community of teachers and trainers in the implementation of a shared virtual learning environment and online learning resources.” 
Christine Lewis, Cross Government and EU Strategic Alignment Manager,
UK Ministry of Justice
********************************************************************************************** “When Computers were something that cost as much as a 3 bedroom semi and the internet had not even been christened yet I met a teacher called John (Mr) Rudkin.  A friend of mine who went on to become a leading TV and Theatre designer introduced us. Mr Rudkin taught us Design during which he imparted some really strong guidance (an alien concept to many of his peers) they call it mentoring nowadays.  He told us all that we could do whatever we wanted to do, simple really, but he backed it up with support, guidance and encouragement.  This set me on a path to a career in IT that I have enjoyed every day since.  Thanks Mr. Rudkin.” 
Martin Carroll, Director of IT Security, Rolls-Royce

“Many thanks for your email and your continued support and concern for Progress Recruitment we really appreciate this. I will certainly note your advice, and thanks for putting us in touch with the Blackpool Council Developer Team and Garry.
Deborah Parker, CEO, Progress (Recruitment)
     Learn more about John:  Go to

onblackpooltv new logo

So welcome to the brave new world of BDYEICTTSOTOEEWHTD….(?)

This is my slightly tongue-in-cheek alternative to the now-standard BYOD acronym: ‘Bring-Devices-You-Expect-I-C-T-To-Support-On-Top-Of-Everything-Else-We-Have-To-Do’. Aka often shortened to a noise a bit like an "Exasperated Sigh," with eyes flicking towards the ceiling (often accompanied by a "tutting" sound…..).
BDYEICTTSOTOEEWHTD then - sorry BYOD! - brings many advantages to the workplace, as well as some challenges. But what is different? Every time ICT has to do any sort of upgrade, installing software, integrating your application, it creates challenges. If the expertise is available in-house, then someone needs to think about that.

Full article available at:

Pasted Graphic

Welcome to

Our new project, On Blackpool TV has just launched.

Find out more by clicking here today
Effective ICT? Easy as Apple Pie
Latest Newsletter 8th April 2012 :
An Open “Letter” to Educators

Super and intelligent start for a debate - try this with students.
Retention Policy?
iPad in Education

iPad in Education: Students at Jefferson Christian Academy were surprised (today) with news they will be getting an iPad next year.

Jefferson iPads

See: EduBlog for more on iPads in Education

I’m sure this story about iPads in Education will be updated and unfold. As schools around the world, the USA (and a small number in the UK), it seems that many have argued the pros and cons of bringing technologies such as iPads into the classroom………..See:
EduBlog for more on iPads in Education
………If you want to know the arguements for and against new technology in education, call me.
Do it. Don’t wait. Get advice and get iPad in Education and Learning NOW
e m 07708 933705

My Pick of the Blogs


Rasperry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a tiny computer with no keyboard, monitor or case that sells for £22 or thereabouts. The possibilityies for this little gem are mind-blowing, but in schools it could become a wonderful platform for programming.

Web developer Chris Cross looks at how easy it is to set up, browse the web and write code

The arrival of Raspberry Pi needs to cause a "ripple" in education.  In the late 80s, early 90s Design and Technology really took off in some schools. Some?  Well yes, because Design and Technology grew out of Craft Design and Technology (Woodwork and Metalwork to the really ancient!), and it was a really innovative subject, with Control alongside Graphics and Realisation.  At its core?  Design (I was a Design Educator amd teacher before I got into ICT and local Government). So why didn't the Technology component take off then?  Well it did....whereever a teacher was either skilled, knowledgeable or willing to learn. A lot of money was spent.  Still, it faltered because it was taught by people who often resorted to "step-by-step" instruction instead of inspiration and creativity.  There simply weren't the skills around.

So, along comes Raspberry Pi.  My feeling is that it may meet the same issues.  The teachers to teach the skills need to be confident, keen, ready.....  I suspect (listening for any noise at all) they will not be, but I look forward to that all kicking off.  In my day organisations such as Nottingham Trent were leading in tech programmes.  In the meantime, Raspberry Pi could end up as an expensive replacement for that (also very expensive) Powerpoint regurgitation you referred to! Poor teaching could well turn more future programmers off, than on. 
That "ripple" by the way, should be excitement.

Why read and learn as though it was 1950?

Do yours "Learn Without Frontiers" ?

Read and watch more on "Edublog"

“Lippy Kids” - opening theme music of LWF12

We are just about to launch our new Resource Bank of over 3000 articles. See Links n’ Blogs for details.

Sign up for free access


PC User? Be very careful. Know your enemy’s past.

Apple Catalyses the Future of ePublishing
Learn more about ePublishing?
Click here



Education has led, education has also followed. Now, education can use the rapid advances in technology to unlock the world….can’t we?

Shouldn’t we ask why we are not using technology of today to prepare citizens of tomorrow?

What is happening to the world the current school pupils will be “the norm”? One thing we can be sure about.

Change. We are “On the Brink” is so many ways…………..


Modern Technology of today COSTS LESS to own, run, support…it is more flexible, mobile, easy to use. No matter who you are.

The individual can leverage the power on offer, no matter who, no matter where, no matter when. This has to be the dream for education.

Changes should be happening right now, and you should see that as tangible, a churning of new and exciting ways to do things. Everyone the right to demand the most relevant technologies for today……….and it is easy to see where introducing sound and relevant technologies at an early age will prepare them for a future of accelerated changes. The citizens of the future, the school pupils of today have to have the where-with-all (confidence and analytical skills) to embrace this change positively.

You do not need to suspend belief to see the possibilities……. they are staring everyone in the face.

Let us show you how you can unlock the potential of todays modern ICT in your organisation or institution……..

more videos across the site.

Rolling animation with call to action


"You can doubt me, check me out, you can even look me up
              - but what you can't do is ignore me.  
              I have changed things, 
                and it's the people that change things for the better who help others change things too.”  
(Now where have I heard that before?) John Rudkin 2012

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